A Beautiful Experience

I had my first session with Gwendoline through The Good Life website.  It took place in a little wooden structure, bringing to mind a Japanese Tea House, surrounded by lush and slightly wild greenery.  Not being sure exactly how the session would unfold, I had to just give myself over to the experience.  Maybe because it was such a calming environment I had little trouble fighting off the usual white noise that bounces around my brain. (of course it tried to make an appearance a few times)  The sessions must be different for each person, depending on what you list as points of complaint, and depending on what your body reveals to be needed.  The use of tuning forks, of all sorts of tones, combinations, and placement, gave a sense of beauty to me, and the decaying bell-like sounds and vibrations conjured up some interesting thoughts and feelings (gratefulness, for one, a surprise).

At the end of the session I felt clear-headed and mentally “clean”.   I kept my “intellectual” processors off during it, and just let it go through me holistically, which is perhaps the best approach.  All in all I loved it and would recommend it to anyone.