Your body is designed to enable you to give birth, nature does incredible things. Meditate, rest, eat, drink water, take organic & food based prenatal vitamins…


When you still have some time for yourself, take it, delight in it and savor every instant. I am not a medical doctor and do not intend this to be a dogmatic point of view in any way. Nonetheless, these are useful notes I am compelled to share with any woman soon to give birth.


Hypnobirth or regular hypnosis is a terrific tool. It can enable you to be present, and much more in control. It seems to reduce contraction discomfort by associating the surprising sensation as “powerful” instead of “painful”. Somehow, being able to trust that your body is meant to do something, no matter how surprising and uncomfortable it is makes it easier to deal with. Hypnosis helps in every way before, during and after birth, helping to be prepared and present for the child being brought into the world.

Massaging with Olive or Calendula oil and gently stretching the perineum muscle with your hands could possibly help avoid an episiotomy or help it heal faster. Like any muscle before strenuous exercise, this one would progressively (over the course of the 4 last months) be stretched for a baby’s head to pass. Generally speaking it would make sense to massage any body part that is bound to change shape during pregnancy and breast feeding with organic oil or lotion to avoid stretch marks and prep for feeding.

Consider meeting with a Doula, even if it’s just for some advice, it is wonderful to have an advocate…

Taking Homeopathic Arnica Montana 30C 3x day the day before & after delivery could speed up recovery time.


Fold a bed sheet lengthwise and wrap it snuggly around hips and waist, tucking the ends under. This not only relieved soreness, creates support, it also helps to hold and settle everything back in place. It is also very useful to relieve sciatic pain.

In case of hemorrhoids, rinsing with a solution of 80% water, 20% Which Hazel, a cap full of tea tree oil or even applying a mixture of 1 tsp coconut oil, 1/2tsp baking soda, 3 drops lemon oil can provide some relief.

It is now globally acknowledged that breastfeeding is very beneficial for babies. Beyond the reason of antibodies, nutrition and probiotic flora, the eye and skin contact are extremely beneficial for a child’s neurological development. Some midwives are specialized in helping mothers breastfeed and can be consulted on the issue. Drinking plenty of water, eating sufficiently, adding almonds is great, as well as some fennel tea in case of colic while maintaining a steady prenatal vitamin intake makes a world of a difference. If milk production is too fast and creates an engorgement, a hot water compress provides great relief.

When your child is “clingy” and restless, bathe together or play with water along with them. It may sound silly but it works surprisingly well. Washing hands together in the sink with skin to skin contact can be sufficient.

Sleep a lot to stay patient, loving and brave as you are, what a wonderful journey you are on!

If you feel a sore throat coming on, gargle with salt water before bedtime and wear a scarf to bed. Likely some zinc and good boost of vitamins in the morning will ensure you stay healthy. Generally speaking, it’s a good thing to stop problems at their onset.